John Verboncoeur,
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
College of Engineering, Michigan State University


Responsible for about $400M in IEEE revenues, Technical Activities through its 46 Societies and Councils delivers value to the global technical community through top quality publications, conferences, and other technical products and services. It collaborates with other IEEE units including Membership and Geographic Activities, Standards, Educational Activities, Publications, Services, and Products, and IEEE-USA to provide value. My leadership philosophy is building consensus among inclusive stakeholders to pursue innovation for win-win outcomes. Key priorities include:

  1. New Audiences: engage >4M members of our diverse technical community, including engineers, computer scientists, technicians, Young Professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs. Increase diversity in gender, ethnicity, and geographic reach.
  2. New and Enhanced Events, Products, Services: provide best-in-class value through Innovation such as South by Southwest, IEEE App, DataPort, Powered by IEEE, Roadmaps, and personalized experiences in our existing products and services, in addition to best in class events. Enhance existing tools like Xplore with new functionality from personalization to data connectivity using AI to leverage the IEEE portfolio. The onset of open access publications and the pandemic have increased the urgency of evolving and transforming our portfolio to continue to provide value to our community.
  3. Emerging, cross-cutting, and geographically relevant activities: delivered via improved organizational units, streamlining the lifecycle process for new entities to enable volunteers to focus on technical excellence rather than bureaucracy. Local Groups and similar mechanisms can enable local activities with relevance, geo-specialized purposes, and for practitioners looking for local networking.
  4. Operational Excellence: Efficiency and transparency lead to productive volunteers and staff collaborating on innovation.

I look forward to your feedback and support.

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